Sedation Options

Our highly trained pediatric dentists offer a variety of treatment methods to care for your child. Our goal is to make every dental visit a positive experience and build a good rapport with our patients.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is a colorless and virtually odorless gas with anxiolytic and analgesic properties that is breathed in by the patient through a fitted nose piece. The gas tends to raise the patient’s pain threshold and help them simply not care about what is going on. Once treatment is completed, the patient breathes 100% oxygen to eliminate the nitrous oxide completely from their system. 

Moderate (Oral) Sedation

Moderate sedation, or previously termed “conscious” or “oral” sedation, is a level of sedation in which your child responds purposely to verbal commands or light tactile stimulation. Our highly trained pediatric dentists use a combination of oral medications based upon your child’s medical history and level of dental anxiety. These medications have anxiolytic, analgesic, and amnesic effects allowing the dental treatment to be completed safely. Your child will begin to feel sleepy after taking the medication.  He or she will be carried or rolled in our “little red wagon” back to the treatment room. After the appointment, your child will remain sleepy for the remainder of the day, returning to normal the day after the sedation. 

In-Office General Anesthesia

We work with Piedmont Triad Anesthesia (PTA), a physician anesthesiologist group, during our in-office general anesthesia cases. Each of their doctors is board-certified and highly trained to administer anesthesia and monitor your child during the procedure. During each case, 2 specialized nurses are also present. PTA closely monitors your child during the entire appointment. GA cases are typically longer cases involving multiple teeth in younger children, children with special health care needs, or children with dental fear or anxiety.  In-office general anesthesia is a great option for children with multiple areas (or quadrants) of treatment needs. It is also a great option for younger children or children with special health care needs who cannot cooperate with minimal or moderate sedation techniques. Patients are completely asleep when general anesthesia is employed.  General anesthesia is the technique that is used in the operating room, however, we are able to offer it conveniently in the comfort of our kid-friendly office.

Operating Room

Treatment in the operating room under general anesthesia is a great option for children with multiple areas (or quadrants) of treatment needs with complex medical histories or special health care needs. The medical anesthesiologists in the operating room employ general anesthesia to allow our pediatric dental specialists to complete your child’s dental treatment. We always recommend your child see his or her pediatrician before having treatment completed in the operating room for a history and physical. 

Don’t Let Fear Get In The Way Of Your Child’s Dental Health

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