Moderate (Oral) Sedation

What is moderate sedation?

Moderate sedation, or previously termed “conscious” or “oral” sedation, is a level of sedation in which your child responds purposely to verbal commands or light tactile stimulation. Our highly trained pediatric dentists use a combination of oral medications based upon your child’s medical history and level of dental anxiety. These medications have anxiolytic, analgesic, and amnesic effects allowing the dental treatment to be completed safely.  

How does it make my child feel?

Your child will begin to feel sleepy after taking the medication. You and your child will relax in one of our private rooms with the lights low to help him or her to relax prior to the appointment. He or she will be carried or rolled in our “little red wagon” back to the treatment room. After the appointment, your child will remain sleepy for the remainder of the day, returning to normal the day after the sedation. 

Is moderate sedation safe?

Yes, moderate sedation is very safe. Moderate sedation is treatment planned only after a thorough review of your child’s medical history. An updated physical from their pediatrician will also be required prior to treatment. We ask the child to arrive on an empty stomach (no food or drink after midnight) to prevent nausea and vomiting during the procedure. Your child vitals are closely monitored before, during and after the procedure. 

Will moderate sedation work for every child?

Every child is unique and tolerates treatment uniquely. Our pediatric dentist will evaluate your child’s level of dental anxiety, medical history, and dental treatment needs prior to recommending moderate sedation. As specialty-trained pediatric dentists, they are capable of offering other treatment modalities to best fit your child.

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