In-Office General Anesthesia

Pediatric Sedation Dentistry in Winston-Salem, NC

Who administers the anesthesia?

We work with Piedmont Triad Anesthesia (PTA), a physician anesthesiologist group, during our in-office general anesthesia (GA) cases. Each of their doctors is board-certified and highly trained to administer anesthesia and monitor your child during the procedure. During each case, 2 specialized nurses are also present. PTA closely monitors your child during the entire appointment. Please call us if you have any questions: Merhoff & Associates Pediatric Dentistry Phone Number 336-659-9500.

What does treatment with in-office general anesthesia the look like?

Our pediatric dentists will evaluate cases individually before recommending GA. GA cases are typically longer cases involving multiple teeth in younger children, children with special health care needs, or children with dental fear or anxiety.  On the morning of your child’s GA case, you will relax in a consult room before he or she is brought back to the treatment room. During the case, our team will provide you with updates, and once treatment is completed and your child is in the recovery room, we will bring you back to be with your child. 

Why use in-office general anesthesia?

In-office general anesthesia is a great option for children with multiple areas (or quadrants) of treatment needs.  It is also a great option for younger children or children with special health care needs who cannot cooperate with minimal or moderate sedation techniques. Patients are completely asleep when general anesthesia is employed.  General anesthesia is the technique that is used in the operating room, however, we are able to offer it conveniently in the comfort of our kid-friendly office.  For more information, please call our office: Merhoff & Associates Pediatric Dentistry Phone Number 336-659-9500.

Is in-office general anesthesia safe?

Yes. General anesthesia has long been proven to be safe.  We always recommend your child to see his or her pediatrician before having GA for a history and physical.  

Will in-office general anesthesia work for every child?

Our pediatric dental specialists carefully review your child’s medical history before recommending in office GA.  In some cases, we will recommend treatment in the operating room at the outpatient hospital instead of in-office GA. 

Dr. Tina Discusses General Anesthesia for Pediactic Dental Care in Winston-Salem

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